Space Boys and Villains

This book is the second book in the series The Adventures of Ear Z. This book continues with Ear Z and his friends encountering more problems. This book will be available soon.

Adventures of Ear Z-The Beginning

What started out as a normal day for Ear-Z and his friends turns into a day of unexpected adventure, confusion and chaos. While hanging with his friends (new and old), family and intergalactic creatures at Green Pond, they get captured by humans. Ear-Z won't stop until all his friends are safe from harm Riveting read, with a creative imaginative plot that leaves you wanting more. Sci-Fi with action with a blend of romance and funny animals. Curiosity and innocence mixed with prevalent dynamic tension and plots. The ending is terrific and it's a story for all ages. Morality and friendship are tested. This story leaves you on the edge of your seat. The book will give the amazing feeling of anticipation. Uplifting and pleasantly surprising. The wonder and the mix of lively characters will have you eager and wanting to read on.