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     Hello, welcome to Cherry Multinational Society. My name is Rk Epps. I am the primary creator at the Cherry Corporation I enjoy creating projects. I started writing and creating because the process of creation uplifted me. I was going through a rough patch, and I found solace in my writing. My mission is creating projects that uplift and inspire the human spirit. On my page you will find my books and products and a link to my portfolio. I want to personally thank everyone for checking out my page.

Find my online portfolio here down below.

I am currently working on the Race Jess comic book I'm also actively working on producing an action-comedy series called, " Jam." 


My other projects

Project title: Jam  

Project title: Race 4 Jess

Project title: The Adventures of Ear-Z: The Beginning

Project title: Immortal Wars

Protect title: Ghouls verse Gods

Project title: Princess with a Stick

Project title: Xplode

Project title: Scare Tony

Project title: Benny and the Bears

Project title: Space Vikings

Project title: Cops Moneyway


I will be posting more updates and about future release dates of other projects. Thank you for coming to my page!

My Books

Spaceboys and Villians

My Books

After reading the first book I am looking foward to reading the next book in the series.

Cindy Martson

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