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     Hello, welcome to Cherry Multinational Society. My name is Rk Epps. I am the primary creator at the Cherry Corporation I enjoy creating projects. I started writing and creating because the process of creation uplifted me. I was going through a rough patch, and I found solace in my writing. My mission is creating projects that uplift and inspire the human spirit. On my page you will find my books and products and a link to my portfolio. I want to personally thank everyone for checking out my page.

Find my online portfolio here down below.

I am currently working on the Race Jess comic book I'm also actively working on producing an action-comedy series called, " Jam." 


My other projects

Project title: Jam  

Project title: Race 4 Jess

Project title: The Adventures of Ear-Z: The Beginning

Project title: Immortal Wars

Protect title: Ghouls verse Gods

Project title: Princess with a Stick

Project title: Xplode

Project title: Scare Tony

Project title: Benny and the Bears

Project title: Space Vikings

Project title: Cops Moneyway


I will be posting more updates and about future release dates of other projects. Thank you for coming to my page!

My Books

Spaceboys and Villians


After reading the first book I am looking foward to reading the next book in the series.

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